Why a New Pickleball Center is Good for Tennis in Steamboat

FAQs and Figures

 By now, you’ve no doubt heard that there’s a project underway to build an indoor Pickleball Center where two outdoor clay tennis courts (#7 and #8) currently sit, spearheaded by the new non-profit Court Sports 4 Life (CS4L). That location and the addition of 12 pickleball courts have generated lots of discussion among the tennis community so we’d like to address some of the Frequently Asked Questions and concerns that we’ve heard. Here are the questions; please click here for the answers:  Why PB Center is Good for Tennis

  • Why do we need an indoor Pickleball Center?
  • How will it benefit tennis players?
  • Why are we giving up two outdoor courts?
  • Don’t we need those two courts for tournaments?
  • Is this Pickleball Center project contrary to the original intent in creating a Tennis Center?
  • How else will a new PB Center affect tennis players?
  • If you’re trying to raise $6 million for a new Pickleball Center, what about the Tennis Center?
  • What could happen if we don’t plan for the future?