Team Steamboat


RARE AIR Camp is set for July 17-20 with the UTR Tournament July 21-23 included which benefits the Steamboat Tennis Association. Click here for the registration form: rare-air-registration-form-for-2017

Orange ball player Charlotte Tegtmeyer shining among Yellow ball players!

Orange ball player Charlotte Tegtmeyer shining among Yellow ball players!

Team Steamboat trained with Rocky Mountain Tennis Center Juniors in an Open Development Camp Dec. 2-4.








Team Steamboat player Charlie Smith wins first UTR tournament in Colorado in highest division! Team Steamboat player Andy Schuiling places 2nd! Team Steamboat player Wyatt Stempel Wins 1st place in Division 2 Singles and Noelle Cerone takes 2nd place. Team Steamboat Players Noelle Cerone and Mae Thorp take Division 2 Doubles! Team Steamboat Trevor Harms wins Division 4!





Congratulations Team Steamboat Players for 2016:Team Steamboat 2016

Yellow Court 

       Teague Burger   John Hannaway   Ethan Paulus     Gabe Rabanal    Roy Lundeen   Noelle Cerone   Andy Schuiling 

 Mae Thorp   Wyatt Stempel   Nolan Connell   Shae Burger   Max Lynch   Tatum Burger   Charlie Smith

Green Court

          Xander Dalke   Liesel Wilkinson   Kyle Saunders   Trevor Harms       Becca Fahrner

Orange Court

                    Ava Thorp   Bridgett Hazlett   Charlotte Tegtmeyer   Grace Brice

Team Steamboat players are required to follow a strict Code of Conduct, volunteer in their community, do well in school and mentor younger tennis players.

Upcoming Tournaments:

Junior and MXD City Championships Jan 27-29

Spring UTR at the Tennis Center April 8 & 9

USTA’s Colorado 12 and Under District Cup at the TC May 27-29

LuvBoat Adult MXD and Junior Championships at the TC June 28-30

STA Tournament and Jr UTR July 21-23