New Court Sports for Life Foundation (CS4LF) Steps Up to Help!

We are excited to announce that the new Court Sports for Life Foundation (CS4LF) has formed to support the Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Complex. CS4LF is proud to join forces with the Steamboat Tennis Association (STA) who’s mission is centered around Routt County youth through the sport of tennis, and the Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association (SSPA) who’s mission includes growing the sport of Pickleball. Final approval for our business plan and the expansion of an indoor/outdoor pickleball center will be sought from City Council in January 2020. See more information below:

Court Sports for Life Foundation

A non-profit organization that will own and maintain the Steamboat Springs Tennis and Pickleball Complex


To enhance the lives of residents and visitors of all ages and abilities by developing, operating, and maintaining the Steamboat Springs Tennis and Pickleball Complex as a sociable recreational space with engaging programs and quality education. 



Usage of the Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs (“Tennis Center”) has grown tremendously from 2015-2019, due in large part to the explosive growth in pickleball participation, to the point that the Tennis Center’s overall use is projected to max out within a year. To accommodate this demand, tennis and pickleball leaders have negotiated for several years with the City of Steamboat Springs (“City”) for a public/private partnership to build and maintain an indoor pickleball facility, but have been stymied by the many growing demands on the City’s Park, Recreation and Open Space Department.

As a result, the Court Sports for Life Foundation (“CS4LF”) was founded in October 2019 to take on the development and maintenance of a Tennis and Pickleball Complex (“Complex”), which would consist of the existing Tennis Center and a new Pickleball Center (“Pickleball Center”) with both indoor and outdoor courts. CS4LF would also be responsible for future improvements to the Tennis Center, such as replacing the fabric roof on the current building and renovating the 28-year-old locker rooms.

Several public/private projects in Steamboat were studied in this process and, like that of the Old Town Hot Springs, this approach represents a win-win solution for the City, the tennis and pickleball community, and Steamboat taxpayers as a whole. With the design and construction of the new facility managed by CS4LF, our ambitious hope is to have the indoor facility online in two years, providing highly-desired social and health benefits to residents and visitors of all ages and abilities.

Future Plans

The Court Sports for Life Foundation cherishes the legacy of court sports in Steamboat Springs. CS4LF will embrace the needs of and work closely with the Steamboat Tennis Association (“STA”), which was founded in 1987 and was the lead organization in building the Tennis Center. CS4LF supports the STA’s primary mission of supporting the youth of Routt County. Current STA programs and discounted court rental will continue under the new legal structure.

The same holds true for the relationship with the Steamboat Springs Pickleball Association (“SSPA”), which has shepherded the exponential growth in local pickleball participation. CS4LF will continue to partner with the SSPA to grow the sport of pickleball through the collaborative design of the Pickleball Center and by supporting the SSPA’s programs.

CS4LF will hire the current concessionaires, Loretta and Bill Conway, to run the day-to-day operations of the Tennis and Pickleball Complex. With the Conways’ continuing leadership, CS4LF is confident that the Complex will thrive financially while keeping prices at or near current public levels.

The future is bright for the Steamboat Springs Tennis and Pickleball Complex! Plans include raising the funds privately to build the new Pickleball Center with twelve indoor and six outdoor courts, social areas, pro shop, offices, and storage. This world-class indoor/outdoor Tennis Center along with a premier indoor/outdoor Pickleball Center will ensure a long and vital life for our entire complex. Thousands of residents and visitors already enjoy health and social benefits at the existing Center, and the new Complex will provide more opportunities for generations to come. The CS4LF will ensure the future viability of this incomparable community asset.

Founding Board Members of CS4LF:
Steve (Moz) Modzelewski – Interim Chair
Randy Wert
Rick Garth
Jeff Temple
Becky Lamb
Randy Salky
Igort del Haya