The Tennis Center at Steamboat welcomes all ages and abilities of Juniors!

Click here for current programs: ROGY RED Flyer FA2017-SP2018  or  ROGY OGY Flyer FA2017-SP2018

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rogy-mountain-tennis-logo We take pride in offering a variety of fun and challenging activities for our Steamboat kids. Click above for the latest information on ROGY Mountain Tennis, our afterschool and summer junior programs for all levels and ages.  Check out our calendar and events pages for more activities. If you have questions or would like to talk with someone personally about your child’s interests, contact Bill Conway at Bill@Steamboat10s.com.  Scholarship information can be found here: STA-Grant-Application-Guidelines-and-App-2016

RARE AIR CAMP for Summer 2018 is July 16-19, 2018 with STA’s UTR Tournament included July 20-22, 2018.  Registration Form will be posted soon.

Tiny Tots Tennis for kids ages 3-5

A new little player

A new little player

Small players need small courts and small equipment. Our Tiny Tots Tennis gives youngsters the opportunity to begin learning the game of tennis on a smaller, less intimidating court. Tiny Tots use smaller rackets, a lower net, a shorter court, and softer balls. Emphasis is on developing hand eye coordination through basic tennis motor skills while having fun!

Special Tiny Tots classes can be arranged for 1-4 kids at a time. Contact Coaches Loretta Conway, Robert Martens or Karen Connell to arrange a day and time. Either can be reached at 970-879-8400.