Community Treasures Fundraising Sale

Community Treasures Fundraising Sale raised $1,500!

All proceeds will be donated to the new Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center Maintenance Endowment Fund of The Yampa Valley Community Tennis Foundation for the future renovation and care of the Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs.



Supporters can bring items in the store to consign and let us know that the consignor is the Tennis Center Endowment Fund. Moxie would price and sell the items and the Endowment Fund would get 60% of whatever the item sold for.  Moxie gets 40%.  Essentially, they are donating the item to Tennis Center Endowment Fund.

A few important things:

1) For large items like furniture, please send as a picture to That way Moxie can be sure that it is something they can sell.

2) Moxie can do pick-ups, but there will be a charge for that. The pick-up fee can come out of the account so there is no up-front cost or if you pay the pick-up fee, it is an extra donation to the endowment fund! 

3) Smaller items can be brought it during normal business hours. 

4) Moxie may decline some items based on condition or our ability to sell such an item.

Our annual Green Up Clean Up event will also be held on June 17th. Come do a little cleaning or planting flowers and then play on the indoor or outdoor courts for free!