Center Update Regarding Closure and Plans to Re-Open

The Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball Center remains closed until further notice due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The City of Steamboat took over the entire facility on April 8 for the purpose that it may be needed for a surge of the virus in our community. The City will give us 15 days-notice when we can resume our business at the center. Credits will be offered for programs that you pre-paid for but didn’t receive due to closure. We are waiting to see how long the closure lasts before processing account credits. If you want to help the center by not taking the ‘credits due’, please email This gesture will be greatly appreciated and some of you have already done this. Thank you!!!

We are eagerly planning for the time when we can open! Thanks to the wonderful staff at Alpine Bank, lead by President Adonna Allen, we recently received a Payroll Protection Program loan and all staff were hired back as of April 10! The loan is only for payroll, utilities and health insurance for 8 weeks but this is a huge help to our financial outlook.

We believe best case scenario would be that we can re-open sometime in the month of May – that is our plan A. With plan A we will expand our youth and family tennis and pickleball activities to make-up for the time kids would have been in school.

More realistically, the 2nd scenario would be that we re-open sometime in June – that is our plan B. With Plan B we will also offer additional youth programs with more hours per week as we do know that the City’s very popular youth summer programs are being partially cut due to the City’s budget restraints. June is when we will be starting adult leagues for the summer. Staff will be reaching out to past summer league organizers to help schedule now for the summer.

Scenario 3 is that we can’t open until July or later. This scenario is very difficult to imagine. We will save this explanation for a later date.

We could not have survived this crisis if not for the STA, SSPA, CS4L, Alpine Bank, City of Steamboat, and the many individuals who have stepped up to help us financially and otherwise.

What a spectacular community we have! We love you, Steamboat Springs!!!

Loretta and Bill Conway