Coach Gould speaks to Rare Air families about the value of playing tennis in college.

Coach Gould speaks to 2016 Rare Air families about the value of playing tennis in college.

The 2nd Annual Rare Air Tennis Training camp was held July 17-20 with the STA Tournament July 21-23!  Players received six hours per day of fun and challenging instruction. We can already see a new confidence and skill set with the participants! We thank Coach Phil Girardi for his time and interest in our players. Participants came from Hawaii, Virginia, Florida, St. Louis, and the Denver area.


Coach Phil Girardi

Coach Phil Girardi

Coach Phil Girardi, head coach of the St. Petersburg College Titans Tennis will be joining the 2017 Rare Air Coaching Staff!

Coach Phil Girardi is in his tenth year as the head coach of the St. Petersburg College Titans Tennis. In their first nine years, The Lady Titans have been a perennially top ten nationally ranked team with their highest ranking being #2. The Titans have also produced six All-American players during this time. Coach Girardi was the ITA Regional Coach of the Year in 2010.

Coach Girardi is a Certified Pro with the Professional Tennis Registry. He has been actively engaged with the USTA and is on the Board of Directors for the Florida Section USTA. He currently serves on the Board of Directors and has served in many positions including District Director and star clinician.

Coach Girardi has spent the last 22 years teaching tennis. He is in his 20th year as Head Professional and Director of Tennis at Treasure Bay Golf and Tennis in Treasure Island. In 2006, his team of 18-and-under juniors won the National United States Tennis Association (USTA) Jr. Team Tennis Championships in Tucson, Ariz. His junior teams have won numerous Sectional Titles in his time at Treasure Bay.

Simona Bruetting, Tennis Professional at Colorado Athletic Club Inverness and Team Colorado Coach, will return to coach in Rare Air for summer 2017!

Simona Bruetting

Simona Bruetting

#1 Junior growing up in Slovakia, winning the National 14s, 16s and 18s in both singles and doubles

* Currently ranked number 1 in the nation in Women 40s singles and doubles

* Played college tennis at Southeastern Louisiana University from 1991-1995 and was ranked as high as 14th in the NCAA rankings

* Represented USA in W35s in 2014 in Boca Raton, FL and in W40s in 2015 in Turkey in the World Tennis Team Competition

* Won a gold medal in W35s doubles tournament in the World Championship in 2014 in West Palm Beach

* Won a bronze medal in the World Team Competition in 2015 in Turkey

Represented USA in 2016 in W40s World Team Competition in Croatia, team finished 6th out of 16 teams *

* Won 10 gold balls in National Senior Tournaments in W 35s and W40 in both singles and doubles

* Won the Colorado State Open doubles in 2015 with Rhona Kaczmarczyk and won Mother Daughter doubles

* Won both singles and doubles in National Indoor Hard court Championship in W40s at Meadow Creek in 2015

* Won both singles and doubles in National Clay court Championship in W40s at Ballen Isle in Florida in 2015

Community Treasures Fundraising Sale

Community Treasures Fundraising Sale raised $1,500!

All proceeds will be donated to the new Steamboat Tennis & Pickleball Center Maintenance Endowment Fund of The Yampa Valley Community Tennis Foundation for the future renovation and care of the Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs.



Supporters can bring items in the store to consign and let us know that the consignor is the Tennis Center Endowment Fund. Moxie would price and sell the items and the Endowment Fund would get 60% of whatever the item sold for.  Moxie gets 40%.  Essentially, they are donating the item to Tennis Center Endowment Fund.

A few important things:

1) For large items like furniture, please send as a picture to steamboatmoxie01@gmail.com. That way Moxie can be sure that it is something they can sell.

2) Moxie can do pick-ups, but there will be a charge for that. The pick-up fee can come out of the account so there is no up-front cost or if you pay the pick-up fee, it is an extra donation to the endowment fund! 

3) Smaller items can be brought it during normal business hours. 

4) Moxie may decline some items based on condition or our ability to sell such an item.

Our annual Green Up Clean Up event will also be held on June 17th. Come do a little cleaning or planting flowers and then play on the indoor or outdoor courts for free!