2018 Survey Results & a Few Myth Busters

Everyone who completed the 2018 Tennis and Pickleball Survey was entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card. Audrey Small is the drawing winner! Click below for the survey results. You have helped us plan for the future of our most awesome and unique center. Thank you for your time and for your support! Below the results link we added a few “Myth Busters” that were noticed in some of the survey results.

2018 Survey Results


Myth: Pickleball brings in more revenue to the Center than Tennis

Fact: An average week of indoor court activity in the winter looks like this:

  • 80% of court rental and program/lesson revenue is tennis and 20% is pickleball
  • 445 unique tennis players play in a week and 239 unique pickleball players play in a week


Myth: Indoor courts 1 and 2 are for medallion holders

Fact: Medallion holders do not have any particular courts reserved for them


Myth: Steamboat Tennis and Pickleball court costs are high compared to other centers

Fact: Many facilities in the U.S., as nice as ours, charge an initiation fee or member fee and a court rental cost. Indoor facilities around the country are usually higher when all costs are considered.


Myth: Pickleball is growing and Tennis is waning

Fact: Pickleball is growing – the center saw a 26% increase in PB court revenue from summer 2017 to summer 2018. Tennis remains steady and strong at our center for past 10 years.